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A Full Service Law Firm Concentrating Its Practice In Domestic Relations & Family Law In Northern Virginia. also wanted to let you know that you’re really important to us, because we couldn’t be in business without you.

We have a lot to offer you. Our services and products that we’re sure you’ll be interested in include: Adoption Law; Alimony; Child Abuse and Neglect Cases; Child Custody; Child Support; Divorce; Divorce Mediation; Domestic Relations Law; Domestic Violence; Equitable Distribution; Family Law; Grandparents Custody; Grandparents Visitation Rights; Guardianship and Conservatorship; International Adoptions; Interstate Child Custody; Marital Agreements; Marital Property Distribution; Premarital Agreements; Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs); Spousal Support; Step Parent Adoptions; Visitation Rights; Uncontested Divorce; Living Wills; Wills; Appellate Practice. 

You’re always welcome here. Come in and chat with us. We’re really looking forward to it. Free half-hour consulation for new clients.